Arizona Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are the most seriously punished offenses in Arizona with the exception of first degree murder. Even the mere accusation without any evidentiary proof that a person committed a sex crime can turn his or her life upside down. Sex crimes includes allegations of sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual conduct with a minor, prostitution, running a house of prostitution, child molestation, pimping, failure to register as a sex offender, furnishing harmful or obscene materials to minors, luring a minor, peeping, indecent exposure, child prostitution, and sexual exploitation of minors (child pornography). Many of Arizona’s statutorily recognized sex offenses require mandatory prison time, sex offender registration, GPS monitoring, and significant restrictions on an individual’s freedom of movement, where he or she can live, and association with others. All of these punishments can have serious and life lasting consequences

The State of Arizona regularly charges sex offenses and often without sufficient proof. However, most often with sex crimes, the devil is found in the details. Consequently, an intensive review of the facts in each case and thorough investigation of all witnesses is necessary in order to potentially uncover the tiniest of details that can save a person’s life, liberty, and reputation. Cases of this nature require an immediate work up and may be examined for potential issues with the accuser (i.e. why would the alleged victim fabricate; what is the status of the relationship between the parties; has the alleged victim ever engaged this type of behavior before, etc.); lack of physical evidence or evidence that has been tampered with; whether the integrity of the investigation by law enforcement is questionable/problematic; or whether the dates and locations of the offenses match up with the accuser’s statements to law enforcement. The ways to attack a sex crimes allegation are endless. It requires a sharp eye, creativity, and extensive knowledge of Arizona’s elaborate sex crimes sentencing law.  Mr. Mendoza possesses all of these and is well known for his methodical attention to detail.

For over two decades Mr. Mendoza has been fighting on behalf of Arizona residents charged with sex crimes and obtaining very successful results in their favor.  All of Mr. Mendoza’s clients are treated with dignity and respect no matter what the allegations. Clients feel comfortable speaking freely with Mr. Mendoza about their case because they know whatever they say is being handled respectfully, will be taken seriously, and used to the benefit of their case. No sex case is off limits and Mr. Mendoza has extensive experience in handling them all.



There is only one Frequently Asked Question: “What do I need to do?”

 It is not what you need to do, it is what your lawyer needs to do, which is have the ability to immediately analyze and strategize your case in real time while you are sitting in the office. Mr. Mendoza sits down with you and personally crafts the investigation and defenses at the first meeting. At Mendoza Law Office there is no “worst case scenario” where the client is left in the dark wondering what his or her lawyer is going to do about the case. The facts are assessed and it is immediately determined what needs to be done in order to attack the State’s case and obtain our goal. Our intentions are expressed to the client from the outset and carried through to the end.

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